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Academic Staff

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Mr. A. J. Hussain
B.A. Hons, (UPDN), M.A. (UPDN), M.Phil (UPDN)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I /


AsShk M.T.M.Rizvi (Majeedy)
PhD (Reading) (SEUSL), MPhil (UPDN), MA (UPDN), BA Hons (UPDN), PGDE (OUSL), CTHE (UC)
Senior Lecturer Gr I in Islamic Studies
Email: /
Research Interest: Islamic History, History of Muslims of Sri Lanka, Mosque Leadership and Management, Islamic Ethics, Gender Equality and Justice, Quranic Studies, Islamic Thoughts


Mr. A. L. M. Mujahid
B.A. Hons. (UPDN), MA (UPDN)
Senior Lecturer Gr I in Islamic Studies ,
Research Interest: Islamic law, Islamic History


Mr. M. B. Fowzul
B.A. Hons. (UPDN), M.Phil (UPDN)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I ,
Research Interest: Muslim Personal Law, Islamic Law, History of Sri Lankan Muslims, Islamic History, Quranic Studies

Mr. M.L. Mohamed Helfan
B.A Hons. (SEUSL), M.A (UPDN)
Lecturer (Probationary) in Islamic Studies
Telephone: 065 224 0762

Research Interest: Peace and Social Harmony, History of Sri Lankan Muslims, Islamic History and Family Counselling