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Department of Arabic

Welcome to Department of Arabic

The department of Arabic is the oldest one in the FAC, EUSL. This department has been offering B.A. degree programme since it has established in 1982. This programme includes the main aspects of language (Linguistics, Literature and Translation). The course of this programme is designed to develop competency in the Arabic language which possesses a long history and literary tradition in addition to it has a huge place in the business world. It is designed to learn the aspects of the existing languages as well as the dead languages and relationships between languages and other disciplines. Indeed, this course will help the students with enhancing the employment opportunity both locally and internationally.


  • To understand proper basic grammar of Arabic language
  • To identify characterises of Arabic language
  • To get exposure in translating the Arabic language
  • To relate the students with the knowledge of poems and poets who played a major role in developing Arabic literature
  • To understand linguistics ability in Arabic language
  • To understand the relationship of Arabs and south Indian Muslims with srilanaka
  • To understand the usage and elucidate the principle followed in compiling dictionaries
  • To classify the linguistics dictionaries in many of their form which deal in the explanation of Arabic words
  • To identify the chief characterises of modern Arabic language
  • To get familiarity in writing essays and short stories by citing samples
  • To identify the background of Arabic literature and its relationship with international literature

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the courses in the department on Arabic students will be able to:

  • record the nature and scope of Arabic language
  • describe new phrase and modern usage if the Arabic language
  • state the relationship of Arabic with South Indian Muslims and srilankans
  • assess the importance of grammar in writing speaking
  • acquire knowledge in writing essays and short stores
  • translate Arabic poems into Tamil language from the prescribed texts
  • analyze distinct personalities of the Arabic poets
  • evaluate the historical process of Arabic literature
  • interpret the definition of prose and poetry
  • justify and argue that the translation has a vital role in comparative literature
  • produce the intellectuals to contribute with their own experience to enhance the relationship with other people.