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Department of Languages

Welcome to Department of Languages

I.Discipline of Tamil

The course of Tamil is a generous arts program that is designed to develop competency in the Tamil language, literature, and culture. It is designed to serve students who wish to cultivate an appreciation for Tamil culture and society through the language and culture and to encourage Tamil language skills that may be used for professional purposes.Department of Languages


  • To develop a sensitivity and understanding of the Tamil speaking world,
  • To gain a greater understanding of their own language and cultural heritage,
  • To design to broaden the thinking and perceptions of students as well as to better understand the contributions and diversity of other people,

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the Courses in Tamil, students will be able to:

  • familiarize with civilizations, languages and dialects, cultural issues, social thought, history, politics,
  • demonstrate attentiveness to literariness, as well as the challenges of deciphering cultural differences,
  • describe Texts in their contexts, including the diversity of different geographical, historical, ethnic and cultural environments,
  • familiarize with major authors periodic standard formation literary trends, and the evolution of literary genres in history,
  • carry out conversations; give oral reports, present information in the target language, as well as translating and composing short papers,

II.Discipline of English

The course of English is designed to develop a wide knowledge in the field of englih language, literature, culture and in general the art form in english, not only confined to the UK or the USA, but also to widen to discuss the English writting throughout the world. Further, this course will enhance the knowledge that the students gained from the school and other sources. Detailed description of each content will give an idea of the English knowledge.


  • To develop a sense of English grammar and its parts in details,
  • To introduce English Literary works in and outside the English speaking countries,
  • To introduce students for critical thinking and writting, and
  • To make students for creative writing

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course an English, students will be able to:

  • advance with the english grammar and language,
  • recognize english literary work around the world,
  • comprehend english writing as whole and appreciate its development, style, movements and other such things,
  • write critical essays on literature and other arts subjects other than the english language and
  • create something of their own to contribute to the literary world.