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Department of Tamil Studies

Welcome to the Department of Tamil Studies

The Department of Languages, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka has been bifurcated into two departments viz. Department of Languages and Department of Tamil Studies. The department of Tamil Studies was launched on 06 April 2022 by Vice Chancellor Prof. V. Kanagasingham.

The vision of the Department is “to be a vibrant Centre of Tamil Studies where research in diverse fields of Tamil language will be carried out”.

The mission of the Department is “to provide an intellectually inspiring environment of learning, research, creativity, innovation and professional activities and inculcate in them ethical and moral values”.

To Support its mission, the department seeks to provide its students with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and by improving their skills for analyzing and critical thinking. The Department offers Bachelor of Arts in General and Special Degrees, as well as postgraduate degrees such as Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy in Tamil. The department also offers a Bachelor of Arts in External Degree program with Tamil as a subject.

Objectives of the department:

  1. Promote and support research related to Tamil language studies and education.

  2. Create practitioners in teaching Tamil as the First and the Second Languages in national and international level.

  3. Produce graduates who are familiar and knowledgeable about local socio- economic realities, culture and linguistic norms in terms of language learning, teaching and education.

  4. Produce researchers who will be able to contribute scientific advancement in the fields of education and teaching Tamil.

  5. Developing modern application of language studies with specific emphasis on the present day job market.

  6. Focus upon the comparative aspects of Dravidian Literature and Heritage and imparting special training in translation activity.

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