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Department of Hindu Civilization

Welcome to Department of Hindu Civilization

The course of Hindu Civilization in the Faculty of Arts Culture acquires knowledge in the field of humanities. Students are educated in the scholarly interpretation of the phenomenon of Hindu religious traditions. Promoting understanding of how Hindu Civilization relates to human domains and may be approached methodologically. Students develop critical thinking, effective communication and research skills in the study of historical and contemporary Hindu Civilization of Sri Lanka and India


  • To understand the learning of Hindu philosophy, Saivam, classical languages and educational values of Hindu Civilization and Hindu Religion both in terms of theory and practice.
  • To facilitate and conduct regular classes, workshops and other appropriate learning activities for teaching the above.
  • To emphasis and facilitate research and educational activities related to Hindu culture, architecture and heritage.
  • To acquire, construct and maintain a Hindu Education Centre for imparting knowledge and practical training for Students
  • To organize conferences and exhibitions with the assistance of scholars in these fields Hindu Rituals
  • To provide a forum and/or facilities for the worship and practice of religious activities and Hindu rituals and to foster the Hindu way of life

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course in Hindu Civilization, students will be able to:

  • state the historical and cultural sources and describe the basic beliefs and practices of a given Hindu Civilization tradition
  • describe the concepts of ritual, myth, doctrine, ethics, and culture related to Hindu society
  • shedule how religion shapes and has been shaped by other cultural systems in history
  • distinguish of texts on religion (including primary texts) from the perspective of a disciplinary field or fields,
  • design well organized, and substantive written and oral presentations,
  • justify a research project that demonstrates facility with traditional and electronic religious studies resources and usage of appropriate scholarly style and citation formats