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Welcome to Discipline of Christianity

The B.A degree programme on Christianity as a discipline is composed of three years duration, with two semesters per year. On completion of the degree in Christianity a student would have acquired certain degree of knowledge in the human, social, religious sciences, based on the discipline. They would also be provided with opportunities to develop their abilities in producing tutorials, expressing certain depth studies and insights on given topics connected with the discipline in today’s context, to make their study programme relevant. Sometime group activities as well as individual opportunities to express in public what they have learnt are also provided, in order to enable the students to become professional speakers on given topics.


  • To outline and state the basic beliefs and practices of Christianity.
  • To explain and describe the origin and growth of Christianity and to the present trends of Christianity.
  • To prepare the students to get into deeper levels of research on Christian beliefs and themes.
  • To illustrate the need for Christianity in the modern world.
  • To prepare and to develop a culture among students to acknowledge and to respect what is good in others and to work incollaboration with all.
  • To generate with opportunities for the students to visit places of religious importance, and study activities therein.
  • To justify and interpret to students the need for studying Christianity as an academic discipline in the modern world.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the courses in the discipline on Christianity students will be able to:

  • identify and outline the major theories and concepts in Christianity and its sub fields.
  • describe the real meaning of Christian belief contents and their necessity in Christian life.
  • explain the beginning and the teachings of Christianity and its place in human life and society.
  • demonstrate critical thinking abilities to formulate arguments with material evidences that prove the case in question.
  • analyze related problems and formulate and express option and opinions.
  • practice the Christian faith and moral values for the betterment of the community and world at large.
  • discover the newness of Christianity and its usefulness for the day-to-day living.
    create, design and develop a life style which will include people of all faiths, races and languages.