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Dr. Singanayagam Umashankar


Dr. Singanayagam Umashankar
PhD in Language Assessment(University of Bedfordshire, UK)
MPhil in Language Assessment(University of Bedfordshire, UK)
M.A. in Linguistics (UoK)
MSc. in Food Preservation Technology (EUSL),
B.A. in English & English Language Teaching (OUSL),
BSc. in Bio Science (EUSL)

Senior Lecturer - Gr. II
TP: 0094 065 2240587 (Office), 0094 770739819 (Mob) /



No. 66/19, Bharathi Lane, 07th Cross ,Batticaloa,Sri Lanka
Tel: 0652057752/ 0770739819

Department of English Language Teaching,Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Chenkalady, Sri Lanka
Tel: 0652240587


  • BSc. in Bio Science (EUSL/ March 1995)
  • M.A. in Linguistics (Uni. of Kelaniya/ January 2005)
  • MSc. in Food Preservation Technology (EUSL/ May 2009)
  • B.A. in English & English Language Teaching (OUSL/ August 2009)
  • PhD in Language Assessment/ University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Oct 2017)


  • Specialist Teachers’ Trained Certificate in English / Peradeniya (February 2000)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education / OUSL (August 2001)
  • Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education / SEDA – UK, University of Colombo (2009)
  • Teaching Knowledge Test Part I, II, III – University of Cambridge
    (Module 1 / May 2006 – Module 2 & 3 / April 2006)
  • Diploma in Translation (Merit) / Centre for Policy Alternatives (2007)
  • Certificate in Teacher Educator as an Educational Technologist - Online course (2007) / (OUSL)

Publications and Presentations

Research Interest

  • Second Language Acquisition Vs Second Language Learning
  • Washback of Language Tests
  • Washback to Lerning Outcomes
  • Exploring Language Assessment and Testing
  • Learning Environment Vs Language Acquisition and Learning
  • Aligning Common Sri Lankan Frameworks of Reference in Language Testing
  • Formative and Summative Assessment in Second Language Teaching and Learning




Positions Held

  • Head of the Department of English Language Teaching ,Facutly of Arts and Culture

Previous Employment/ Position:

  • Temporary Demonstrator- Department of Zoology / EUSL (March 1996)
  • Person in Charge of Certificate in English conducted for candidates in the Eastern Province by EUSL
  • Visiting Lecturer in English at the OUSL / Batticaloa Regional Centre
  • Former Coordinator / ELTU / EUSL
  • Involved in English Language Teaching since 1992 in the government schools until 2003 and at the EUSL since 2003