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Head of the Department


Dr S. Umashankar
PhD in Language Assessment(University of Bedfordshire, UK),
MPhil in Language Assessment ( University of Bedfordshire, UK ),
M.A. in Linguistics (UoK) ,
MSc. in Food Preservation Technology (EUSL),
B.A. in English & English Language Teaching (OUSL),
BSc. in Bio-Science (EUSL)
Senior Lecturer in English
Research Interest: Second Language Acquisition Vs Second Language Learning, Washback of Language Tests, Washback to Learning Outcomes, Exploring Language Assessment and Testing,Learning Environment Vs Language Acquisition and Learning,Aligning Common Sri Lankan Frameworks of Reference in Language Testing,Formative and Summative Assessment in Second Language Teaching and Learning
Phone: +94-65-2240587   Mobile: 077 073 9819