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Mr. Arumugam Yogarajah


Mr. A.Yogarajah

Senior Lecturer Gr. I  in Political Science
Department of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts & Culture,
Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Chenkalady, Sri Lanka

Mobile: +94 77 742 2564
Email:  /  


Mr. A. Yogarajah is a Senior Lecturer Grade I in Political Science attached to the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. He received his BA and MPhil degrees in Political Science from the University of Peradeniya. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD research on End of War and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka at the Postgraduate Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (PGIHS), University of Peradeniya. He has been serving as a University coordinator (EUSL) for the NPC project on Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka conducted from 2017-2022.  Mr.Yogarajah has been teaching Political Science at school and university for more than twenty years. His academic contribution covers the range of fields, including human rights, Sri Lankan politics, constitutional studies, foreign policy of Sri Lanka, transitional justice and reconciliation. Mr.Yogarajah has authored several books, including his recent books on Sri Lankan Politics and Government (2022), and Contemporary Political Science: An Introduction (2020). He has published a number of research articles and abstracts in national and international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Mr. Yogarajah has received several awards and scholarships for his studies and research.

Links to Publications


Refereed Journals

  1. Yogarajah.A, (2024). Local Government and Challenges It Faces in Sri Lanka. International Refereed Journal of Tamil Studies Research (IRJTSR). 
  2. Yogarajah.A, (2018). Formation of New Constitution and the Interim Report of the Steering Committee-A Critical outlook. Neithal Published by Eastern University, Sri Lank.
  3. Yogarajah.A, (2017), “The Roll of 18th and 19th Amendment in Strengthen in Good Governance in Sri Lanka a Comparative Analysis” Kalam international journal of faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
  4. Yogarajah.A, (2014), “Challenges and Crisis Faced on Provincial Council in Sri Lanka. Kalam international journal of faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka December 2014.



  1. Yogarajah, A (2022). Government and Politics in Sri Lanka, ELTA/ELSE AHEAD Project, Faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil.
  2. Yogarajah, A (2020), Contemporary Political Science: An Introduction, Kumaran Book House, Colombo.


Book Chapter

  1. Yogarajah, A. (2017), “Freedom of Media” Dharisanam Silver Celeberation Book 2017, Published by ‘Dharisanam’, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. 
  2. Yogarajah, A. (2019), “Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Post-war Sri Lanka – A Critical view with International Experience” Edited Book of post war Sri Lanka: Social and Political Dynamics. Published by South Eastern University, Sri Lanka. 


Conference Proceedings (Published as Full Papers)

  • Yogarajah, A. (2017), “Reconciled Process of Constitution Making Process in Independence of Sri Lanka” Annual Research Session, Organized by  Faculty of Health-Care Science, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


Conference Proceedings (Published as Abstract Forms-Selected)

  • Yogarajah, A. (2015), “Political Institution Wish Loss Independency under Executive President System in Sri Lanka”, Annual Research Session, Organized by Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


Research Articles Presented with Evidence

  1. Yogarajah, A. (2018), Presented on “Local Government polls : a Guide to the New Electoral System”, Organized by Dean/Faculty of  Arts and Culture, Held on 5th February 2018, at Auditorium Faculty of arts and Culture EUSL 
  2. Yogarajah, A. (2017), Presented on “Constitutionalism and Fundamental Rights”, Organized by Institute for Constitutional Studies, Colombo. Held on 5th February 2017, at Auditorium Faculty of arts and Culture EUSL 
  3. Yogarajah, A. (2019).Presented on Presidential Election – 2019, Casting Votes and Counting Contacted by Faculty of Arts and Culture EUSL.

Research Interest

  1. Sri Lankan Politics 
  2. Human Rights
  3. Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka
  4. Transitional Justice


  1. Dynamics of Political Science
  2. Political Institutions
  3. Constitutional Development in Sri Lanka
  4. Salient Feature of Human Rights
  5. Political Issues in Sri Lanka
  6. South Asian Politics


  • Gate Mudaliyar A.G. Tillekeratne Post Graduate – Research Fellowship for M.Phil at university of Peradeniya.

Positions Held

  1. Acting Head, Department of Social Sciences Faculty of Arts and Culture, EUSL with Effect from 22.07.2019 to 02.08.2019
  2. Internal Member of Board of Study for the External Degree Program Conducted by the CEDEC of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Period of 3 Years with Effect from 07.09.2015
  3. Coordinator – Faculty forum, Faculty of Arts and Culture from 08.07.15 – For Three Years.
  4. Student Counsellor – one year with effect from 20.10.2009
  5. Student Counsellor – one year with effect from 03.10.2011
  6. Student Counsellor – one year with effect from 08.07.2015
  7. Student Counsellor – two months with effect from 09.07.2016
  8. Student Counsellor – one year with effect from 17.02.2017
  9. Member in Board of study for External Degree Program, EUSL.
  10. Focal point for the faculty of arts and culture – student counsellor.
  11. Editor, Teachers Association of Eastern University from 2016.


Other Activities 

  1. Workshop on the training of trainers of the Carrier Guidance & Counselling units to Strengthen the Entrepreneurial Graduate Programme Conducted by Ministry of High Education dated 07.02.2013
  2. Resource Person for the Seminar for G.C.E A/L student conducted by zonal education office, Batticaloa West Kaluwanchikudy, dated 17.06.2014
  3. Participated in International Conference on Sexual and Gender Based Violence Eastern University, Sri Lanka (ICSGBV 2015) conducted by the Association of Common Wealth Universities, dated 09.10th July 2015
  4. Participated in Inaugural Guest 3rd Mission “University Outreach and Community Engagement”. 5th Feb 2016 contacted by SDC, EUSL.
  5. Participated in the workshop on “Financial Management” on 26th Feb 2016. Contacted by SDC, EUSL.
  6. Member of Technical Evaluation Committee 26.05.2016.
  7. Judge for the “Tamil Molzhi Thinam” at BT/BT/Eravur Tamil Maha Vidyalaya, Eravur on 03.03.2016
  8. Resource person for learning material preparation OTS, By HETC Project EUSL – 2015
  9. A life member of ‘DHARISANAM’ visually handicapped in Batticaloa
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