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Mr. A. Kanneraj

Mr. A. Kanneraj
B.A. Hons (EUSL), M. A. (UPDN), M. Phil. (UPDN)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I in Political Science

Telephone: +94 0773809515


Date of Birth & place: 23.02.1974 Batticaloa

Educational Qualification:

  • M. Phil. in Political Science - UPDN, Sri Lanka (2016)
  • M. A. in Political Science - UPDN, Sri Lanka (2001)
  • B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science - Eastern University, Sri Lanka (1999)
  • Certificate in Teaching Methodology, Eastern University, Sri Lanka (2011)

Work Experience:

  • 2016.05.10 – to Date: Senior Lecturer Gr. II in Political Science
  • 2009. 02.02 – 2016. 05.09: Lecturer (Prob.) in Political Science
  • 2006 -2009: Assistant Lecturer in National Institute of Social Development


  1. Presented a Research paper on “Local Government System in Post war Batticaloa: A Study on Vavunathivu and Eravur Pattu Pradeshya Sabhas” Conducted by Faculty Research Forum, EUSL. (23.11.2016)
  2. Interim report on proposed draft constitution and political aspirations of Tamil Minority community South Eastern University Arts Research Session – 2017
  3. women representation in local government bodies in post war Batticaloa: special reference to Manmunai West and Eravur Pattu Pradeshiya Sabha 3rd Research Conference, TRInCO - 2017
  4. voting behavior of Tamil and Muslim communities in Batticaloa district: special reference to post-war local government elections 3rd Research Conference, TRInCO - 2018
  5. Theory of Good governance and its applicability in Sri Lanka from 2015 to 2018 Neithal – 2018, Vol:09 Issue:01
  6. Executive presidential system in Sri Lanka: a discourse from Tamil minority perspective 3rd Research Conference, TRInCO - 2019
  7. Women’s political representation in world countries: special reference to Sri Lanka Neithal – 2021, Vol:09 Issue:02
  8. The 2019 presidential election in Sri Lanka: A minority perspective International Refereed Journal of Tamil Studies Research (IRJTSR)Vol: 04 Issue:03 2022
  9. Transitional justice in Sri Lanka: practical issues and resolutions International Refereed Journal of Tamil Studies Research (IRJTSR)Vol:04 Issue:02, 2022
  10. Political ethic depicted in Arthasastra: a comparative analysis with contemporary politics Human Virtue and The Ethics of Life in Literature - 2022
  11. Principle of joint security of United nations and war between Russia and Ukraine Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities Vol: 10, Issue: 01, 2023

Research Interest

  • Local Government in Sri Lanka
  • Public Administration
  • Current political issues in Sri Lanka


  • Principle of public Administration
  • Introduction to International Relation
  • Study of Political Parties & Pressure groups
  • Concept of Political Violence
  • Principle of public Administration
  • Public policy and Administration in Sri Lanka
  • Dynamic of Bureaucracy in the world
  • Public policy and Administration in Sri Lanka
  • Concepts Political Violence
  • Peace and post war Reconciliation in Sri Lanka
  • Research Methods in Political Science



Positions Held

  • Student Counsellor 04.12.2012 – 09.09.2016 and 03.12.2013 from one year
  • Student Counsellor 08.07.2015 – 09.09.2016 and 09.07.2016 from one year
  • Student Counsellor for a period of one year with effect from 17.02.2017
  • Co-ordinator / Alumni Association, Faculty of Arts & Culture, One Year effect from 06. 06. 2022
  • Co-ordinator for Strategic Plan/ Corporative Plan/ Action Plan/ Faculty Development Plan, Faculty of Arts & Culture Three Years effect from: 01. 01. 2017 
  • Member of Sports Advisory Board, Eastern University, Sri Lanka Two Years effect from: 27. 02. 2019
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