DSC 7352 1The Concept of Rehearsal and Discussion to Empower Practical Aspect among the Students

The Concept of Rehearsal and Discussion was arranged by Mr.S.Chandrakumar director of drama to develop the theme of street Drama and Drama elements of aesthetic in in - front the Senate Building of EUSL on 06/06/2018 at 9.00-12.30.
Participants were expressing their knowledge and experience in this rehearsal of drama Such as method of organic cultivation, effect of chemical use, protecting land as well as human from the dangerous chemical and how to reduce poison. First year students more than seven hundred from Arts Faculty as well as the students of the other faculties, Lecturers, Non-Academics and Mr.M.Parameswaran Deputy Director of Agriculture (ext) Batticaloa and his team have participated in this discussion. This Method of Rehearsal and Discussion was introduced and facilitated by Mr.S.Chandrakumar.