17 Jan 2018

Pattipongal - 2018



“Pattipongal” Event was organized by Dept. of Fine Arts for the purpose to include socio- economic, Art and cultural traditions into teaching and learning process of the curriculum of the Department on 17.01.2017. This event was organized by Mr.S.Chandrakumar Head/ Fine Arts.
Dr.S.Jeyasankar, Director, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetics Studies, Mr.M.Ravi, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Culture, Dr. J. Kennedy, Head, English Language Teaching Unit and Depart. Of Language, Mr. S. Srikrishnah former Head, Department of Crop Science, Professor A.An krisanaveni former Head, Department of Fine Arts University of Jaffna, Heads and Coordinators, Senior Academics, academics, Students and Non -Academic staff of Faculty of Arts & Culture and others were present in this occasion.