News & Events

News & Events

Exhibition and sale for Handicrafts and local Food


The Event, “Multi –Cultural Music Festival – 2017” under Aesthetic & Creative Development Programme for the Students was organized and coordinated by Mr.S.Chandrakumar, Head, Department of Fine Arts, EUSL on 11.12.2017 at the premises of the Eastern University. The Students from all Faculties and Common Student Union were participated as the participants in various aspect of this programme.

10 Oct 2017

Programme Review

Programme review for the general degree and social sciences had commenced yesterday (09.10.2017) and this process would be completed on 11.10.2017

Visit of Delicates from Turkey to the Dept. of Arabic

Recently, A Delicate from Turkey visited the Department of Arabic/FAC and Donated some books for the Departmental Library and Discussed some important matters as follows:

Recently, Aabic Dept. got Approval from the UGC to initiates the Honurs Degree programme in Arabic, The Honourse Degree programme in Arabic will be Iniciated next semester.

The self-Evaluation Report for the programme review was submitted to QAAC by Mr.M.Ravi, Dean/Faculty of Arts & Culture, EUSL

சர்வதேச பல்கலைக்கழகங்களுக்கிடையிலான விவாதப் போட்டி - கட்டார்

IT skill training visually challenged students

It is with pleasure to note that the faculty of arts & culture in association with a voluntary organization USA has launched a two days training programme on 19.06.2017 on skills development to the visually challenged students.

In the Department of Geography celebrated the World Environmental Day programme under the theme of “Connecting People to Nature” on 05th June 2017 at Nallaiah Auditorium EUSL under the leadership of Dr.M.Varnagulasingam, Head of the Department of Geography.
The programme conducted joinly with Chenkalady Pradhesa Saba and Divitional Secretariat of Chenkalady.